Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Interior Design of Rustic Style

When we talk about the concept of rustic style interior design, it refers to something related with wooden floors, or maybe the walls are made of stone and rustic feel lumpy. That may be true, but it does not mean it becomes less luxurious room. The rustic design is rather the impression of an elegant, understated and close to nature.

The concept design with this rustic take on the elements combines into a soothing and natural atmosphere. The ability to bring nature into your home makes an impression that is quiet and peaceful. If you want an interior design concept with rustic style in the interior room of your home, then this is some inspiration and ideas that we can apply:

1.      Choose the Decoration Nature
Decorating your living room with wood and stone is the right choice. The impression of natural stone and wood will provide a calming effect. We can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the stone placed as a wall, or wood placed as the floor of the house.

Wonderful background of a wall made of stone, and wood flooring will add texture and natural color to any room. Including a rustic wood on the interior concept is the easiest. From the floor and also the sky of your home, wooden beams can also be reclaimed and re-touch refinished.

2.      Use of Natural Materials
Wood is one of the most popular on the use of interior furniture because it is durable and beautiful. If you want the concept of rustic, we can use the simple wood style. If you want a more contemporary concept, wooden furniture with a line can be used.

3.      The concept of Nature
The concept of nature means we can apply natural things to any interior space that we have. For example: we place the fountain in the family room, we give the pond for fish at the outer corner to relax, we also give natural lighting for your room in some places, and others. With things like that, we seemed to have a private spa that can give peace to our minds and bodies after work.

4.      Go Green
Go Green here can be interpreted in the use of materials that can be recycled to be used as a property on the concept design of the room of our house. For example: the old wood, twigs, cans, or old-fashioned stuff that cannot be used can be used again to be exposed in the interior of our room as ornaments and decorate the room.

5.      Give the Natural Floral Effects
For some people who love the fake flowers and plants to decorate their room it will become dirty and not natural. It is necessary for a natural appeal in beautifying your room using plants and natural flowers. For example: adorn your interior space with a small cactus plants in pots, it being effective because it is not too much care, but also easy to apply and looks natural.

6.      Day lighting of Sunlight
One of the most simple, cheap and most beautiful of the elements of nature is natural lighting from the sun. Natural lighting can make a room more lively and fresh. The window in the room we can use to get this natural lighting.

If the art of the concept rustic wants to find a deeper, the use of wood for furniture concept can be left visible fibers - made fiber and not glossy, so it looks more natural and unaffected industrialization.

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